Copyright or Wrong? This beautifully illustrated seminar presents an overview of copyright law in a fun and accessible way.   The public domain, derivative works, registration, infringement, fair use and other copyright concepts are clearly explained. Artists gain an understanding of the law and tools to protect their work.

The seminar is available in 1 and 3 hour sessions.  Both include an illustrated lecture and Q + A period.    Participants in the 3 hour version develop a fuller understanding of the Fair Use Doctrine by presenting arguments from the appropriation art case of Cariou v. Princeby the Andy Warhol Foundation and others.

That’s (not) Fair utilizes a game show format incorporating exhibits from actual cases to illustrate the Fair Use Doctrine.  Student contestants select rulings and rationales to gain points and an understanding of this hot topic in copyright law.  The game is preceded by a short lecture on the basics of copyright law which explains the bundle of rights in copyright, derivative works, registration, infringement and an overview of the Fair Use Doctrine.

This seminar is available as an add on to Copyright or Wrong for a 1.5 hour session.   A  3 hour stand alone session is also available.

Art Speaks! is an visually engaging exploration of the interplay between the arts and the First Amendment from The rights of freedom of speech, press, assembly and religion its enactment to date.  The extension of protected speech status to different art forms, application of the First Amendment to street art + graffiti and constitutional parameters on public funding are discussed.   Actual cases are used  for role playing and moot court exercises to provide an appreciation of different view points.

Art Speaks is available in 1.5 and 3 hour sessions.


Contracts for Creatives provides students with an understanding of how contracts are made and enforced.   Illustrations and role playing are used to explain offers, acceptance, consideration, breach and other contract law concepts.   Artists will learn to spot red flags and take a pro-active stance in their commercial dealings.

Contracts for Creatives is  available in 1.5 and 3- hour sessions. The longer version includes “Contracts on Wings”– a chronological review of contracts from non-disclosure through licensing agreements generated by a sculpture project.

Prices:  1.5 hour seminar – $700.00   3 hour seminar – $1500.00.  Package pricing is available.


“Deborah Reid is the perfect person to help artists understand copyright and contracts. Her workshops are informative, interactive and fun. Her expertise is two-fold, having experience in both the legal world and the art world. All artists would benefit from attending!” Dr. Jenny K. Hager, Assoc. Prof., Sculpture, University of N. Florida

“Deborah is that rare person–a creative artist and accomplished attorney–who makes what seems to be an arcane topic very understandable and relevant to what you’re working on, be it writing, art, music, or anything else.  I was very impressed with the very clever way she illustrated an otherwise difficult topic in copyright law.  I enthusiastically recommend attending her seminars.” Dr. Edward Mickolus, Author, Prof., Daniel Morgan Academy